Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apple Blossom Spring!

Well, I did it!
I have a Blogger Tutorial Page added which is a basic quick tutorial on how to use the blogger backgrounds I make or other images that you may want to use :)
I also created a blogger set. A background, banner that can be put in a graphics program and put your blog name on it, with an image to put on your side bar titles :)



All I ask is that you follow the TOU included with the package and you can download it HERE


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Goodies :(

Things got really hectic the last 2 days so I didn't get any goodies created. I'm working on some Blogger backgrounds and matching banners and hopefully will get them done and posted tomorrow evening.

I had quit smoking and reached my first 14 days today!! I'm still getting cravings and having withdrawal symptoms but I'm beginning to feel better, and I CAN BREATHE!! So I've been spending a lot of time on a smoking support network site and trying to get my emails worked out so I can get things back to normal! I'm hoping I can get that done either tonight or tomorrow morning x_x but we all know how some email providers can be!

Any how I'll be back as soon as I finish up the project for those who enjoy Blogger stuff. I'll even have em in sets :D


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feelin' Grungy with Gingham

Good morning!
I'm not even awake yet, and still working on the first cup of coffee of the day. I tried to sleep in but "Something" kept me from dozing back off and I was actually excited about today's uploads :)
I was watching a show about heli loggers and creating before bed.
I was feelin' grungy with gingham. Just kidding. Actually I made some grungy papers you can use as is, or use them as textures. I even included one you can change the target on and make other colors if you don't like the one's I made :), and I created my first mini-kit!! Yep you heard it right a Gingham min-kit for those who like gingham..and it's pink/red and black/grey. Not much to it but I think it's kind of adorable for my first one EVER!!

Free Personal and Commercial Use
Contains: 2 hearts, 1 staple, 3 papers, 1 frame, 1 folded ribbons w/staples

You can DOWNLOAD here!

Contains 8 papers/textures

You can DOWNLOAD here!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Alpha & Brads

Here I am, on a beautiful Saturday with no where to go and instead of being outside basking in the incredible weather, I'm inside creating!! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but it might be good if you are looking for an alpha that looks like laquered wood or need brads or rings that have a metalic look! I was actually going for a brushed brass or gold with a laquer on it for the alpha. It didn't come out looking anything like my intentions but I do like them :) However the rings and brads came out great...resizable and the smaller you make them the better they look x_x LOL. The screws came out a bit strange but over all came out to my total satisfaction!

Upper Case "A thru Z"

3 Rings, 3 tac brads, 3 screw tops and 3 staples


Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Started

I am just getting started here on Blogger and I hope to have some things for you before the end of the weekend to get things rolling and will upload new things on a regular basis.
Please feel free to leave comments so I know you were here and give me an idea of what you like that I have.

Things have been hectic in 3Dland so I'm dragging a little but I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this. I've not done a blog before. I'm used to websites. So I'm snagging free layouts until I figure the blogger thing out to create my own. If anyone has some great suggestions on tutorials or other blogs where I can learn to create my own please drop me a link and I'll check out anything you have in mind.

I'm now off to create a few things for my first uploads for you to enjoy!